(pictured above from left to right: Frederica Biatta Managing Director CfRN, Quinn Whelan, Kevin Conrad Executive Director CfRN,

Kai Blatnicky and Ameeta Chinkan - Operations Manager CfRN)



The Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN) assists tropical governments, communities, and peoples responsibly manage their rainforests. Launched in 2005, the organization helps incentivize conservation and the battle against climate change.


The work of the CFRN insured that 90% of rainforest countries have a REDD+ plan to reduce emission from deforestation and increase carbon stocks.  

CfRN seeks to create sound, long-lasting opportunities for global environmental sustainability, to foster social and economic advancement in a manner that enhances tropical rainforest stewardship and improves living standards for forest-dependent communities.


A donation of just 12 cents to the Coalition for Rainforest Nations will avert approximately one metric ton of CO2.

CfRN is a nonprofit 501c3 organization. Their vision and mission statement can be viewed at 

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